History is full of child prodigies, like 5-year-old Mozart composing symphonies, or King Tut ruling a nation at 9 years old. This just goes to show that you’re never too young to do great things. In celebration of greatness that comes in small packages, DenTek designed a flosser just for kids. The fruit flavor and crazy colors make flossing fun, while the wide handles and fluoride-coated floss ensure your child’s oral health is in good hands. If only teaching good habits was this easy all the time!

Fun Flossers
Let’s face it, no matter how well-disciplined a kid may be, motivation is often needed where dental hygiene is concerned. What child can deny that Wild Fruit flavored floss is fun? Combine this kind of design genius with wide, textured handles, specially made for small fingers and pre-strung, fluoride-coated floss, and you have a recipe for success. What are you waiting for? Instill good dental hygiene habits in your kids today.

Child’s flosser with fluoride coated, Wild Fruit flavored floss that is ergonomically designed for a child’s or parent’s hand and is easy to use.

*NEW! Thinner Floss with Fluoride
*Great for Parent to help kids floss!
*Angle reaches all teeth
*easy to grip handle
*fluoride coated floss
*Flosser Head allows for easy reach and greater comfort
*expose to light to activate Glow in the Dark feature


1- Hold flosser firmly between thumb and index finger
2- Using a gentle back-and-forth motion, slide floss between teeth
3- move up and down against tooth to clean above and below the gum line.
4-Repeat steps 1-3 for each tooth. Discard after use.

**Gums may bleed when you first begin to floss. If bleeding persists or gums remain red and swollen, see your dentist.
Adult supervision is necessary until the age of 10.