The Gel Cushion Versus the Aqua Aire Seat Cushion Although the basic principles are similar, the gel cushion and Aqua Aire seat cushion operate quite differently. The Aqua Aire seat cushion is filled with both water and air, allowing for an adjustment in firmness based on the user’s preferences. Although the gel cushion has been shown to greatly reduce the discomfort caused by the vertical pressure of being seated, it is not as effective as the Aqua Aire in protecting the body from fatigue and tissue breakdown.

The gel cushion was initially developed to help alleviate the pressure that is applied to a person’s body when they remain seated for extended periods of time. The basic idea is that the Gel would be able to diffuse the pressure and create support in the surrounding areas. Although the gel cushion is an effective tool, Gel breaks down over time and requires replacement – not so with Aqua-Aire Cushion!

Newer technologies have recently been proven to be more effective in a number of studies….not only alleviating pressure more effectively but allowing each individual to customize each Seat Cushion to deal specifically with their needs.

Pricing is another significant difference between the two types of cushion. Although the gel cushion is less effective than the Aqua Aire, it is typically 2 times more expensive because it requires extensive manufacturing to produce the Gel Product that fills their cushions. Not Aqua-Aire – it requires water and air (natural abundant material) how ingenious!! Therefore, not only is the gel seat not adjustable and less effective than the Aqua Aire, but it costs significantly more.

We designed the Aqua Aire as the ultimate portable and affordable cushion to provide you with pain relief no matter where you go. Instead of being filled with a gel that cannot be removed, the Aqua Aire can be emptied out for easier transportation. Its exterior pouch has been designed with a comfortable cotton/Lycra top and a jersey non-skid bottom that can be adhered to Velcro if needed. In addition, all of our Aqua Aire seat cushions come with a convenient plastic carrying case, built with additional pockets for extra convenience.

**adjustable straps sold separately**