GUM® Oral Care Kits
For Ortho and Implant Patients.
The ultimate system of dental care products. GUM® Oral Care Kits are a collection of specialized kits designed to provide everyone with the proper tools to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Adult Zipper Bag Kit

Kit Includes:

Super Tip® Toothbrush (Compact Head/Senstive Bristle).

Blue Zippered Travel Bag.

Orthodontic Travel Toothbrush.

ButlerWeave® Mint Waxed Floss 12yd.

Go-Betweens® Cleaners.

Orthodontic Wax – Mint Flavored

Antibacterial* Toothbrush Travel Cap

Eez-Thru® Floss Threaders.

Healthy Gums. Healthy Life.® Pamphlet.

Rincinol® Oral Pain Reliever.